Book Chapter: Higher Education in Thailand

As many of you know, I have been working tirelessly for the last few months on a book chapter for a book on education in Thailand published by Springer. The chapter is on Higher Education in Thailand and focuses on trends of privatization and massification. It was a labor of love and took many hours. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and encouragement. Special thanks to people who advised me in the writing process as well.

My first draft is done and I await comments from the editor, my colleague and friend Gerry Fry at the University of Minnesota. It will likely be published later this year. Books of this nature can have a 6-month editorial process. I am excited to write and publish more about international education and human resource development issues.

In March I will be presenting on global competence development in Thailand as part of the Comparative International Education Society conference in D.C.

I thoroughly enjoy the life of an academic. It has a reputation of being one of isolation but I have found it to be quite the opposite. I enjoy meeting and talking with colleagues around the world, learning about new research, and thinking about how to use research to inform policy and practice. I find much of my time is indeed taken up with reading and writing but there is certainly a very vibrant social aspect to being an academic.

Let me know what you think

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