Conference: Educational Symposium for Research and Innovations (ESRI)

On February 28th, I presented a paper with three colleagues at the Educational Symposium for Research and Innovations (ESRI) at The George Washington University. ESRI is a flagship program at the Graduate School of Education and Human Development that allows students and faculty to share research in a conference format that is supportive and engaging.

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting alongside colleagues on a paper titled Motivation to Learn: Perspectives from Different Adult Populations. We did a literature-based paper on motivation to learn in the workplace of older adults (50+), post 9/11 veterans, and millennials (born from 1980-1995). This is important in that these are growing populations in the American workforce and largely unrepresented in the literature. We found that desire for choice, opportunities for connectedness, and the importance of purpose were similar motivations for learning the workplace across the populations. However, there is a serious dearth of literature on motivation as it relates to these populations as well as in cross-cultural contexts. So there is much interesting work to be done!

What are your thoughts?

Here is a picture of some of my colleagues along with my adviser, Dr. Maria Cseh.




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