Social Media and HRD: Happy 15th Anniversary HRDR!

As a child, I loved getting mail from pen pals, summer camp friends, and relatives. As an adult, one of my favorite things to get in the mail is hard copies of academic journals I subscribe to, specifically Human Resource Development Review (HRDR).

HRDR is the conceptual and theoretical backbone of the Academy of HRD suite of journals. They publish exploratory conceptual models, integrative literature reviews, and papers on the construction of new theories in the field of HRD.

Thanks to HRDR, I had the honor of being the recipient of the “Think Theory, Think Social, Think HRDR” social media contest in 2016. I won the award by posting to various social media outlets during the 2016 AHRD Conference in Jacksonville and actively engaging with others about the conference, presentations, and HRD. This award allowed me to attend this year’s conference in San Antonio and build on the knowledge and relationships I started the year before.


Faculty and students from the George Washington University at the 2017 AHRD Conference

This year, I attended compelling presentations about global leadership, work-related flow in organizations, and human performance technology. I am inspired by the “relationships and rigor” I encountered in sessions, during breaks, and even after the day’s activities concluded. Being on Twitter also helped me spot our keynote speaker, Jennifer Brown, and introduce myself the evening before her talk.


Jennifer Brown’s Keynote Address

I encourage everyone, to the extent they are comfortable, to engage with the Academy and our journals over social media. Now, Human Resource Development International (HRDI) and Human Resource Development Quarterly (HRDQ) have joined HRDR on Twitter and post often about articles and events related to HRD and the Academy. Scholars and practitioners in our field such as Valerie Anderson, Jon Werner, Sarah Minnis, and Robert Yawson also often post about their diverse interests. HRDR is particularly good at posting “most-cited” articles from years past and articles that relate to current events.

There is no replacement for the experience of sitting at a scholarly conference presentation or engaging face-to-face with a colleague. That being said, connecting with people and content related to HRD and the Academy over social media has enriched my experience as a budding scholar in HRD, and I am grateful to HRDR for their leadership.

Happy 15th Anniversary, HRDR!

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