Course: International and Multicultural Issues in Organizations

As part of my role as a Graduate Research Assistant at GW, I had the privilege of being the teaching assistant for a course called International and Multicultural Issues in Organizations. This course, led by Dr. Maria Cseh, revolved around the European Human Resource Development conference at University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland. Ireland’s Cork […]

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My Journey to The George Washington University

Last month I spoke to the Dean’s Council at the Graduate School of Education and Human Development about the story of my journey to GW. I thought I would share some of that story here on my blog as well: My name is Oliver Crocco but you can call me Ozzie. I’m a first year […]

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What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?

I attended a half-day conference at The George Washington University last week on diversity and inclusion in the workplace sponsored by one of the big consulting firms in the US. My adviser, Dr. Maria Cseh, co-led one of the breakout sessions entitled Leading and Engaging Our People. I have four short reflections I want to […]

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